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Meet General Data Service

Meet General Data Service

Whether its a printer, copier, scanner, or mobile device, its a critical piece of equipment that keeps your business working. General Data's Service Division is a nationally-recognized single-source provider for all aspects of industrial, commercial and healthcare printer and device repair, maintenance and service. No-hassle equipment repair and service that keeps your mission-critical equipment moving - so your business can do the same!

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I’m Rick Cmar, the Vice President of Printer Service & Supplies here at General Data.  General Data has been servicing printers since 1981. Companies rely on General Data for printer repair service because of our unique approach.  We take the time to analyze our customers' needs and help them choose the right mix of programs, services and options that best meet their goals, objectives and budget while maintaining the highest level of performance.  

What sets General Data apart is how we have evolved with the new technology that exists within the industry.  We began by servicing dot matrix and high speed line printers.  As the barcoding industry moved toward thermal, thermal/ transfer printers, General Data became experts at servicing them.   Since then we have expanded our capabilities to laser and multi-function printers, barcode & data collection scanners and General Data HealthCare equipment.  Our goal is to identify your pain points and alleviate them by analyzing your entire printer fleet, making expert recommendations and delivering the highest level of customer service and repair.  We support most printer manufacturers which gives us the flexibility to tailor to your needs.  As your mission changes, so does ours.  

We provide what we refer to as Managed Print Choices.  Where we offer Service “Choices” to our customers.  Whether it be break-fix Onsite, Depot service, Depot with Hot Spare, Hot Spare is where we stock additional spare printers and swap it out to eliminate downtime.  Other service options include Service Advantage, that takes advantage of new printer’s manufacturer’s warranty and BullPen that is in essence an Onsite/Depot contract that repairs the customer’s onsite spare pool on a monthly or quarterly basis. This is a great economical solution for those with a large number of like printers in a single facility.    General Data can also provide blended Service with Media and Consumable Parts and Supplies that can be customized to be model specific throughout the entire printer fleet.

I’m Dave Yearout, the Director of Field Service at General Data.  What sets us apart from our competitors are our highly-qualified, trained and certified service personnel.  Our technicians are all tenured experts who have been in the industry for decades.  As a nationwide service provider, our technicians help us complete over 1200 service calls per month.  Many of our customers have multiple types of equipment.  They range from office laser and multifunction printers, industrial thermal label printers, barcode scanners, to histology equipment from multiple manufacturers.  They want to be able to utilize one vendor for all of their service needs.  Our technicians are trained on all manufacturers that we support in order to deliver the highest level of customer service and repair.  Your printers are crucial parts of your operation, so why take a chance on a service provider who can’t meet all of your needs?

If you are interested in learning more, you can submit a request form through our website, send us an email directly, chat with one of our online experts, or give us a call.