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2 Tips for Upgrading Warehouse Technology to Optimize Operations

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June 22, 2023
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As organizations grow, they implement new systems for enterprise and warehouse management that enable them to be optimized for supply chain and omni-fulfillment and respond to internal and external changes in demand. This means that warehouse and distribution center operations need technology and devices that can effectively utilize new system capabilities now and later as capabilities expand and change. 


So for the warehouse, maintaining the latest in enterprise-grade technology and planning for future upgrades are essential. Warehouse managers need rugged, durable, high-quality computer equipment that can work reliably in harsh environments; tested to meet rigid quality standards. They also need to consider a myriad of work settings, environmental variables and additional capabilities such as device dimensions, weight, or gloved hands utilizing touchscreens. 

Tip #1: Reference Proven Success Stories

One way to decide what technology and devices are best suited to your operation is by checking what other companies are using successfully. We’ve put together some case studies here that discuss business needs and how featured companies used hardware technology and software solutions to help them increase efficiency, minimize downtime, and maximize worker productivity.

Tip #2: Seek Out and Engage Technology Experts

Another way to learn what technologies and devices would benefit your operation is to have a technology expert review your facility. What better way than a personal visit to assess your needs and advise on software compatibility, or compare which devices have both resistive and capacitive touchscreen options, optional screen defrosters, or that perform equally well indoors and outside, for case picking, truck loading, put-away and replenishment?


General Data can help you create a solution that incorporates rugged, durable, high-quality devices that increase productivity, operational efficiencies, and effectively utilize system capabilities now and into the future. Contact us today to begin creating future-proof solutions for your warehouse!

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