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On-Demand Color Label Printing vs. Pre-Printed Labels: What’s Right for Your Business?

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When you need high-quality color labels for packaging, product identification, warehouse location, or even industrial GHS safety labels, you have options! You could go the traditional route of working with a professional label printer to order large quantities of custom labels. Or, you could bring your label printing in-house by investing in an on-demand label printing system

Each label printing solution provides distinct advantages for a range of use cases and applications. So, how do you know what’s the best fit for your business? 

Let’s explore the key differences between these two label printing approaches:

Pre-Printed Labels: The Go-To for Long-Run Label Projects

Professional label printing companies use sophisticated technology and techniques to produce premium-quality labels on an industrial scale. An experienced label manufacturer and converter can also provide helpful guidance on label styles, material and adhesive selection, and compliance with industry regulations.  

Consider Pre-Printed Labels When —

  • You need a large volume of identical labels. Typically, the more labels you order, the lower the cost per label will become. 
  • You plan to use the same labels for an extended period of time. Ordering in bulk ensures you have plenty of pre-printed labels in stock and ready for future use. 
  • You want to enhance your labels with custom top coatings and special embellishments. 
  • You value the time and labor savings of outsourcing label printing to an expert label partner. 

On-Demand Color Label Printing: Where Convenience Meets Flexibility

Printing your own color labels is easier than you may think! Today’s increasingly affordable inkjet color label printers and color inkjet label media make it possible to print full-color labels in-house, in the exact quantity you need them. The result is a convenient and cost-effective label printing solution for your growing business. 

Consider On-Demand Color Label Printing When —

  • You need to print a smaller volume of color labels for short-term promotions, small batches or seasonal product variations, or limited edition products. 
  • You want the ability to update and print your own labels quickly, giving you the flexibility to respond to last-minute changes or urgent orders. 
  • You don’t want to risk carrying a large inventory of pre-printed labels that may go unused. 
  • You need a simple, cost-effective way to produce your own full-color labels in-house with personalized variable printing. 

Find the Right Label Printing Solution for Your Business!

Still not sure what’s best for your business? Talk to the label printing experts at General Data! 

Let us help you compare your choices and find the label printing solution that fits your business type, application, and budget. Whether you choose an on-demand color label printing system, professional label production, or even a combination of the two, you can count on General Data to provide best-in-class label printing products and solutions from the leading printer manufacturers and brands.  

Get in touch with our team to explore your options today.