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Show Off Your Product's Shape with Custom Shrink Sleeve Packaging

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November 17, 2023
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In the fiercely competitive world of consumer packaged goods (CPG), moments matter. On average, consumers take just three to seven seconds to form a favorable or unfavorable opinion of a product on store shelves. 

With this in mind, it only makes sense to do everything you can to make your product’s labeling and packaging create shelf impact in those precious seconds. One smart solution is to showcase your product’s shape with custom shrink sleeves.

What is Shrink Sleeve Packaging?

Shrink sleeve packaging is commonly used for products packaged in glass, plastic, or metal bottles, cans, or other uniquely shaped containers. It involves wrapping a full-color printed sleeve made of heat-shrinkable material over the product container. Then, the container is sent through a specialized heat tunnel designed to shrink the label and conform it to the container. The result is a label that fits perfectly and provides 360-degree coverage. 

Is shrink sleeve packaging a good option for your products? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits:

#1: Complement Your Unique Package Shape

If you have a distinctive bottle, jar, or other unique container for your product, why not show it off to the fullest extent? Shrink sleeve labeling allows you to leverage the shape of your product as a design element, making it all the more memorable to consumers. Shrink sleeve packaging is also highly durable, providing a layer of protection and resistance to moisture, fading, scuffing, and abrasion that can occur during fulfillment and shipping. 

At General Data, you can expect your custom shrink sleeves to be designed and manufactured specifically for your unique containers. We even provide a 3D proof so you can see exactly how your finished product will look on the shelves. 

#2: Create More Room for Branding

With shrink sleeve labeling, your entire container becomes a canvas for branding and important product information. Instead of traditional labels, which offer limited space, shrink sleeve labels provide 360-degree coverage. 

What could you use this extra label real estate for? Here are a few ideas: 

  • Share your brand’s story and values
  • Showcase product benefits
  • Make more room for regulatory compliance information 
  • Include high-definition graphics
  • Add a QR code to link to interactive content, exclusive offers, or consumer surveys
#3: Add Built-In Tamper-Evident Packaging

When applied over your product’s cap or lid, shrink sleeve packaging creates a tamper-evident seal that provides a safe, secure barrier. Reliable tamper-evident packaging reinforces trust and confidence among customers because they know if the product has been compromised. This is especially important for products that require tamper-evident packaging, such as food and pharmaceuticals. 

#4: Reduce Costs by Replacing Multiple Labels

Shrink sleeves are a highly efficient and economical product labeling option. Rather than applying multiple labels or seals to one product package, you can use a single shrink sleeve to save time and control your label and printing costs. 

Additionally, shrink sleeves are ideal for kitting, which involves packaging multiple items together to be sold as one SKU. This provides an effective way to sell complementary products in a bundle, such as bulk containers of shampoo and conditioner. Consumers appreciate the convenience, and you’ll appreciate the cost savings!  

Thinking About Switching to Shrink Sleeve Labeling or Packaging?

Talk to the custom shrink sleeve experts at General Data to start the process today! Our AmeriGraph Packaging division, a professional label converter in Atlanta, Georgia, produces premium-quality shrink-sleeve packaging for regional and national consumer product brands. We have the state-of-the-art equipment, extensive experience, and cutting-edge capabilities to bring your shrink sleeve labels to life. 

Do you have a label converting project for consumer goods, food and beverage products, or another specialty product application? Contact us today to request a no-charge custom label quote