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Zebra 3600 Ultra Rugged Industrial Barcode Scanners

  • Ultra Rugged - The Most Indestructible Design In Its Class
  • Easy Management With Our Complimentary Industry-Best Tools
Zebra 3600 Ultra Rugged Barcode Scanners
When Only Unstoppable Performance Will Do

Introducing the industry's first complete line of corded and cordless ultra rugged scanners that redefine industrial scanning, setting new standards for rugged design, scanning performance and manageability. The Zebra 3600 Ultra Rugged Industrial Barcode Scanners offer the most indestructible design available today, with enhanced drop rating of 10 feet (to concrete) and dual sealing specifications of IP65/IP68.

Built to out-class its competition in scanning performance, you get advanced scanning technology that enables first-time, every time capture of barcodes faster, farther and in extreme conditions. And with seven models to choose from, there is a 3600 model built for your warehouse or manufacturing plant. Check with your General Data representative to determine which model best suits your specific scanning needs.

Features and Benefits
Ultra Rugged Industrial Strength - For Your Most Challenging Environments
The Zebra 3600 Series Ultra Rugged Scanner is the most indestructible design in its class. Engineered to survive 10 ft drops to concrete and withstand 7500 consecutive tumbles; 23% more durable than competitive devices. The only scanners with dual sealing ratings - IP65 and IP68. The result is a scanner that is dustproof, spray-proof, waterproof, and frost-proof. Built to withstand extreme heat, cold, and humidity, these scanners can be used anywhere.
Scan Anything, Even Damaged Barcodes - At Astonishing Speeds
Scan as fast as you can pull the trigger, whether in hand or as far as 5 feet away. Virtually any barcode can be captured instantly; in almost any condition - scratched, dirty, poorly printed and even under shrinkwrap or frost. With the Zebra 3600 Series Ultra Rugged Scanner, you can capture up to 20 barcodes with a single press of the trigger. Capture items that are just inches away as easily as items at the very top of the tallest warehouse rack.
Superior Cordless Technology With The Zebra 3600 Series Ultra Rugged Scanner
The PowerPrecision+ battery delivers the ultimate in battery power and management. Your get over twice the amount of scans compared to competitive models, so workers can scan more items over a longer period of time. With battery power capacity for up to 100,000 scans on a single charge, your workers will have plenty of power for a full shift. You also have visibility into battery health-related data, such as charge cycles consumed, current battery status, and a State of Health meter (indicating if batteries are holding a full charge, no longer holding a full charge, or at end of life and requiring replacement
Ultra Rugged Cradle and Charging Contacts Designed To Last
The 3600 Series offers a cradle (the first in its class) with IP65 sealing, and with industrial charging contacts that can withstand 250,000 insertions. And Zebra's Connect+ contact technology assures reliable, corrosion-free charging over the life of the scanner.
Unrivaled Manageability Across Your Enterprise
The Zebra 3600 Series Ultra Rugged Scanner comes with a set of complimentary tools that take the complexity out of end-to-end scanner management. Whether your scanners are in one location, across the country or around the world, staging, updating, and everyday troubleshooting is made easy. Instantly connect to your industrial ethernet network, identify and correct problem barcodes, create configuration barcodes to program scanners, and maintain up-to-the-minute insight into every aspect of your scanners.
Seven Ultra-Rugged Models Available
The 3600 Series establishes new standards for rugged design, scanning performance, and manageability, and offers seven different models from which to choose. The model numbers indicate the function; for example, DS3600-SR means Standard Range 1D/2D barcode capture. ER means Extended Range (from 3 inches to 70 feet). HP means high performance (40 percent farther than the SR), with the ability to capture photos, documents, signatures and OCR. HD means high density (including tiny dense codes barely visible to the naked eye). DP is designed to capture virtually every type of direct part mark and 1D/2D barcode. DPA means Direct Part Marks, 1D/2D and wide 1D barcodes common in factory automation. KD means keypad and color display that offer the same point and shoot simplicity of a scanner. Contact your representative today to discuss your specific needs and find out which model best suits your application.
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