LaserTrack FLEX Cassette Printer

  • Uniquely designed to meet both the current and future cassette printing needs of your histology lab
  • Upgrade features and increase capabilities at any time after purchase as your lab's requirements grow
LaserTrack FLEX Histology Cassette Printer

LaserTrack FLEX - The Only Histology Cassette Printer With Flexibility to Accommodate Your Lab’s Unique Needs & Workflow Today - and In The Future

The LaserTrack FLEX Cassette Printer is a revolutionary new concept for cassette printing in histology labs.  Instead of being locked into a set configuration for your lab’s cassette printers, the FLEX offers different configuration options that can be customized for your current needs.  In addition, the FLEX can be upgraded any time after purchase to meet your future needs without sacrificing functionality or replacing the printer entirely.

The FLEX features LaserTrack’s proven laser printing technology that produces clean lines and high-definition text and barcodes that deliver a 99%+ first-time scan rate.  With all of the FLEX's features and flexibility, it’s a must-have for a modern histology lab workflow focused on efficiency, error-free sample identification and tracking, and patient safety.

New Accessory – LaserTrack DUO Automated Cassette Management System 

A simple and efficient add-on accessory to organize and distribute cassettes as they are printed.

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LaserTrack DUO Automated Cassette Management System

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Cassette Capacity Flexibility

The LaserTrack FLEX’s variable capacity starts at 480 cassettes, with the ability to upgrade capacity up to 800 cassettes any time after purchase.

Start with a cassette capacity that best suits your lab’s needs now, and easily upgrade as needed to keep up with your growing case volume – without having to replace the cassette printer.

Print Area Flexibility

The LaserTrack FLEX cassette printer uses laser imaging technology to print high definition text and 2D barcodes that deliver a consistent 99%+ first-time scan rate.

The FLEX’s standard configuration prints on the face of the cassette.  When your requirements change and you need to print more information on your cassettes, you can upgrade your FLEX to additionally print on one side – or both sides – of the cassette.

Small Footprint + Workflow Layout Flexibility

The LaserTrack FLEX is the only histology cassette printer that provides a large cassette capacity in a small footprint. Measuring only 13”L x 19”D, the footprint enables you to position the FLEX cassette printer where it best fits your lab’s layout and workflow, instead of designing your workflow around the cassette printer.

Cassettes can also be loaded on either the right or left side, making it ideal for use in crowded workspaces.  It's ideal for use in both batch and on-demand printing environments.

LIS Connectivity Flexibility

The Windows®-based FLEX software provides full control of all cassette printing operations and functionality. 

It also easily interfaces with LIS/LIMS systems including Epic® Beaker®, Cerner® CoPathPlus®, Sunquest CoPathPlus®, SoftLab® and others.

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LaserTrack FLEX Cassette Printer Specifications

Dimensions (13 x 19 x 29) (330 x 483 x 737) (in) (mm)
Weight 88 lbs, 40 kg

 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz, 3A

 The main power supply voltage fluctuations should not exceed +/- 10%

Number of Magazines

 6 - 10 depending on desired cassette capacity.

 *The number of cassette magazines is field upgradeable at any time after purchase.

 Each magazine holds up to 80 cassettes.

LIS Connectivity

 Cerner®, CoPathPlus®, Epic®, Beaker®, Sunquest CoPathPlus, SoftLab®, Other LIS/LIMS systems


 Alphanumeric, linear barcode or 2D, Datamatrix barcodes

Network Connection USB, LAN
Print Area Options Front only (standard)
 Front + one side (upgrade at any time)
 Front + two sides (upgrade at any time)
Linear Cassette Movement (LCM) Cassettes move in a linear motion inside the instrument, minimizing the potential for jamming. 
 No turning, twisting or rotating motions ensures smooth operation and fast printing.
Designed for Service Access panels are located on the front and both sides of the instrument for easy access by service     technicians.


LaserTrack DUO Automated Cassette Management System

The LaserTrack DUO is a new accessory for the LaserTack FLEX cassette printer that simply and efficiently organizes cassettes and distributes them to the right or left side as they are printed.

Cassette selection, printing, and distribution are all controlled through the LaserTrack software.  The user simply specifies how many cassettes from which magazines, the print order, quantity, and the right or left destination tray.

The included extension trays can also be attached to both the right and left side of the DUO, and can be easily removed so the technician can take their printed cassettes directly to their work area.

  • Can be added to any new or existing LaserTrack FLEX cassette printer
  • Service two grossing stations while minimizing impact on available workspace
  • Each tray holds 10 cassettes

LaserTrack FLEX Cassettes

The LaserTrack FLEX cassette printer is equipped with universal magazines that accept LaserTrack slotted cassettes, large & small hole cassettes, chambered cassettes, and frames for Sakura® Tissue-Tek® Paraform® sectionable cassettes.

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LaserTrack Tissue Cassettes - Slotted

Slotted Cassettes

LaserTrack Tissue Cassettes - Large Square Hole

Large Square Hole Cassettes

LaserTrack Tissue Cassettes - Small Square Hole

Small Square Hole Cassettes

LaserTrack Tissue Cassettes - Chambered

Chambered Cassettes

LaserTrack Tissue Cassettes - Large Round Hole

Large Round Hole Cassettes


If You Want Superior Barcode Tracking, Choose The Leader In Cassette Laser Printing Technology

Many histology labs are implementing barcode-based identification and tracking of tissue samples in order to streamline workflows, enhance productivity and specimen traceability, and reduce or eliminate errors.

An efficient lab workflow and sample tracking system depends on barcoded tissue cassettes that are scannable. If the barcodes on the cassettes won’t scan, the process is interrupted, workflow bottlenecks occur, and the integrity of the data can be compromised.

For barcoded cassettes that are highly legible and deliver high scan rates, laser is the best and most preferred printing technology.  And no one has more experience with laser cassette printing and offers more options than General Data and our LaserTrack family of laser cassette printers for histology.

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