LaserTrack JBY1 Cassette Printer

  • Print Reliable, High Resolution Text and Barcodes With High Scan Rates On Tissue and Biopsy Cassettes
  • Easy To Operate – No External Filters, Ink, Foil Tape, Ribbons or Printheads Are Required
LaserTrack JBY1 Cassette Printer
LaserTrack™ JBY1 Histology Cassette Printer

The LaserTrack JBY1 Laser Cassette Printer sets a new standard in the histology lab for reliability, ease of use and print quality, enabling you to print flawless barcoded tissue and biopsy cassettes anywhere in the lab. The LaserTrack JB-Y1 uses advanced laser technology to create the precise, clean edges and clear lines a barcode requires, and produces permanent and indelible printing that survives the harshest of histology processes.

LaserTrack JBY1 Laser Cassette Printer Features and Benefits
High Resolution Text and Barcodes For Nearly Perfect Scan Rates
The LaserTrack JBY1 uses precision laser technology to print the precise, clean edges and clear lines a barcode requires to produce a nearly perfect scan rate throughout the tracking process. Barcodes scan reliably and remain legible throughout harsh histology lab processes and the life of the cassette.
No External Filters, Foil Tape or Printheads Are Required
Cassette printing has never been simpler than with the LaserTrack JBY1 Cassette Printer. The cassette is all that is required, so no foil tape, light bulbs, ink cartridges, printheads, or filters are necessary.
Easy To Operate Anywhere In A Histology Lab
The LaserTrack JBY1 Cassette Printer makes cassette printing a simple process. Cassette magazines are easy to load with up to 70 cassettes each. Cassettes come in pre-taped stacks, so when it’s time to refill, the user simply slides the cassettes in the magazine, pulls the tape away, and that’s it! Extra magazine holders are available in configurations of four; linear or square.
Laser Cassette Printing Reliability
The LaserTrack JBY1 Laser Cassette Printer utilizes a simple cassette printing and delivery mechanism that is smooth, quiet, fast, and assures the cassettes do not jam. This reliability reduces downtime and maintenance costs, and uninterrupted workflow means greater lab efficiency and productivity.
Compact Design Allows for Easy Placement
Because of its small footprint, the JBY1 Laser Cassette Printer can be placed anywhere cassette printing is needed, including accessioning and grossing.
LaserTrack JBY1 Cassette Printer Features and Benefits
If You Want Superior Barcode Tracking, Use Laser Printing Technology

Many histology labs are implementing barcode-based identification and tracking of specimens in order to streamline workflows, enhance productivity and specimen traceability, and reduce or eliminate errors.

An efficient barcode tracking system depends on barcoded tissue cassettes that are scannable. If the barcodes on the cassettes won’t scan, the process is interrupted, workflow bottlenecks occur, and the integrity of the data can be compromised.

For barcoded cassettes that are highly legible and deliver high scan rates, laser is the best and most preferred printing technology.  The LaserTrack JBY1 cassette printer’s laser printing technology consistently and reliably produces sharp, crisp text and 2D barcodes that are permanent and deliver nearly perfect scan rates.

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