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Embedding & Microtomy Small Instruments

  • Microprocessor-controlled temperature in all devices
  • Compact & ergonomic designs can be placed for convenience
Embedding & Microtomy Small Instruments
SHURTrim™ Paraffin Block Dewaxer, Forceps Warmer, & HISTOorienter™ Slide Warmer

SHURTrim Paraffin Block Dewaxer is the safe and practical way to remove excess paraffin from embedding tissue cassettes without risk of damage to barcodes and printed text. SHURTrim is a compact tabletop design that fits easily in any lab. The ergonomic sloped top surface provides optimum comfort to both left and right handed users. The work surface is heated and grooved to melt shaved paraffin, and is large enough to allow users to de-wax multiple blocks at the same time.

The Forceps Warmer is a space-saving unit with three heated wells that prevent wax build-up on forceps for easier tissue orientation at embedding centers.

The HISTOorientor Slide Warmer quickly and easily heats slides to the necessary temperature to remove bubbles and wrinkles on sections.

Embedding and Microtomy Small Instruments Features & Benefits
SHURTrim Block Dewaxer Uses Microprocessors For Temperature Control
The digital readout can be used to set the exact temperature you need, without worry of overheating.
SHURTrim Melts Excess Paraffin From Embedded Tissue Cassettes
The heated grooved surface quickly heats up to 75°C, and the large work surface allows users to de-wax multiple blocks at the same time.
Forceps Warmer Heating Eliminates Paraffin Wax Build-Up
Wells are heated to 80 C to melt wax. Built-in drainage allows for runoff, and angled wells allow easy retrieval. The protective casing is durable and resistant to paraffin contamination.
HISTOorientor Slide Warmer Adds Convenience
This compact unit can be placed at the microtome to quickly and easily heat slides to the necessary temperature to remove bubbles and wrinkles in sections.
Compact Design Allows for Easy Placement
All three instruments are small enough to be conveniently placed anywhere in the histology lab.
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