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Paraffin Dispenser PRO Paraffin Dispenser

  • 6.25 gallon reservoir capacity keeps liquid paraffin ready when you need it
  • Reliable controls keep paraffin at a constant temperature without overheating, evaporation, or paraffin damage
Paraffin Dispenser PRO Paraffin Dispenser
The Paraffin Dispenser PRO™: Sensors & Smart Technology For Liquid Paraffin Anytime

Every histology lab has times when they need pre-melted paraffin rather than waiting for the tissue processor or embedding center to melt it for them. The Paraffin Dispenser PRO (PDP-120) heats paraffin to the melting point, using internal sensors to raise the temperature to melt paraffin quickly, then lower once melting is achieved.

The Paraffin Dispenser PRO can be left on for extended time periods without overheating, evaporating, or damaging the paraffin. The technician can save time by adding paraffin wax at night, set the dispenser to heat, and leave for the evening knowing that the paraffin will be melted to exactly the right temperature for quick and easy dispensing when lab work begins.

Paraffin Dispenser PRO Features and Benefits
Large Capacity Paraffin Dispenser for Any Size Histology Lab
The Paraffin Dispenser PRO has a capacity of 6.25 gallons, yet only takes a small amount of counter space in the lab.
No-Clog Spigot
The flow rate is quick for easy paraffin dispensing, and the spigot contains a heating element that prevents clogging. Histology technicians will always have as much paraffin as they need as quickly as it is needed.
Allows a Broad Range of Dispenser Vessels
Positioning of the spigot was designed to accommodate paraffin containers from a number of tissue processors, and will allow vessels up to 9 inches high by 8 inches wide to be placed under the spigot for quick and easy dispensing.
Precise Temperature Control to Prevent Overheating
The microprocessor-controlled heating elements keep paraffin within 1 degree Celsius of the desired temperature, so the Paraffin Dispenser PRO can be left on for long periods of time with no overheating or consistency change in the paraffin. The Paraffin Dispenser PRO also contains wall sensors that detect when new paraffin pellets have been added, and adjusts the temperature to melt more quickly, then lowers once melting has been achieved. Overheating protection is set at 65°C.
Easy Paraffin Viewing and Refilling
The see-through Lexan lid offers effortless level monitoring. The lid also has a handy easy-access opening that allows the histology technician to refill paraffin pellets without lid removal, contamination, or evaporation.
Paraffin Dispenser PRO Product Brochure
Fast, Reliable Paraffin Dispensing For Histology Labs

Many histology labs are looking for ways to save time and improve workflow. Regardless of lab size, a paraffin dispenser helps save time by pre-melting paraffin so the lab can immediately use tissue processors and embedding centers rather than having to wait for the paraffin to melt inside an instrument.

The PDP-120 Paraffin Dispenser PRO goes beyond just the basic melting of paraffin - it uses sensors to create quick melting and then cooling to safeguard against damaging the paraffin. The Paraffin Dispenser PRO also contains an exclusive heated spigot that prevents clogging.

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