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TFM Tissue Freezing Medium

  • TFM freezes tissue quickly and will not crystallize at extreme temperatures
  • TFM enables precise cutting with support for cryosectioning at 3 microns
TFM Tissue Freezing Medium
TFM™ Tissue Freezing Medium: Freeze Tissue Quickly With No Crystallization And Less Curling

TFM Tissue Freezing Medium is an advanced formulation that is designed to support tissue during cryotomy.  It freezes tissue quickly without promoting crystallization even at the most extreme temperatures.

Available in 5 different colors, TFM Tissue Freezing Medium enables histotechnologists to use color to easily differentiate between multiple sections.

TFM Tissue Freezing Medium Features & Benefits
Freezes Quickly
This unique and robust formula freezes quickly; supporting tissue for cryosectioning at 3μ and up with no cracking of the matrix at temperatures from -8°C to -25°C.
No Crystallization
TFM will not crystallize at extreme temperatures, meaning fewer ice artifacts to contend with.
Less Curling
The enhanced formula means there will be less curling. Sections will flow freely under an anti-roll device, allowing flat sections and easier pick-up from the knife edge.
Reduced Water Content Minimizes Freeze Fracture
The reduced water content eliminates freezing chatter and does not cause autofluorescence.
Color Variety Makes Differentiating Multiple Specimens Easy
Color makes differentiating multiple specimens easy during sectioning and staining. Most histotechnologists currently use clear, but now there are 5 colors to make differentiating between multiple specimens easier.
Easily Removed During Fixation & Staining Procedures Without Residue
TFM can be washed away during fixation and easily rinsed prior to staining stages. It will not leave color residue. Drying or fixing the slides in the cryostat for specific procedures will not affect the quality of the freezing medium.
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