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Base Molds - Stainless Steel & Plastic

Stainless Steel/Reusable Metal molds have "winged" edges for easy handling and resist tipping
Both styles are available in five convenient sizes

Base Molds - Stainless Steel and Plastic

Stainless Steel Reusable Metal and Disposable Plastic Base Molds Provide Your Choice For Embedding

General Data Healthcare Base Molds are available in two different materials to provide histotechnologists with their choice or preference at the embedding station. Each style has distinct advantages.

Plastic Disposable Base Molds are chemical resistant and have rounded edges to help release blocks easily.  These molds are inexpensive, easy to use, and can be reused several times before disposal. They are designed for precise specimen placement, making them easy to use, and can accommodate all brands of standard cassettes. Available in five convenient sizes.

Reusable Metal/Stainless Steel Base Molds are equipped with “winged” edges for easy handling, and they also resist tipping. They offer great thermal conductivity and are designed for easy removal of the block. Available in five convenient sizes. 

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