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MobileDemand T1185 Rugged Industrial Tablet

  • 10.1" capacitive sunlight viewable screen, -22° to 150° F operating temperature
  • Military drop test standards, IP65 dust & water sealing
  • Up to 10-hour hot-swappable battery
MobileDemand T1185 Rugged Industrial Tablet

The xTablet T1185 is MobileDemand’s next generation of rugged tablet; designed for durability and productivity in almost any industry, including warehousing, transportation and logistics, and service industries that need to stand up to harsh environmental conditions, such as shipping or cold storage. The T1185 allows the user to work efficiently and comfortably indoors or outdoors due to the 10.1” high resolution 550 NIT multi-touch display. The screen supports stylus, glove, and wet-touch mode so work doesn’t need to stop during inclement weather or extreme work conditions. The T1185 is also easy to carry and transport with MobileDemand’s standard briefcase handle and back hand strap.

Features & Benefits
Engineered Rugged to Meet Today's Challenges
The T1185 is designed for extreme durability and proven to perform. This device is certified to MIL-STD-810G rigorous drop-test requirements with impact to each surface angle, and with an IP65 rating, the data ports are also sealed to offer next-level protection from dust and liquids.
Easy To Carry Or Easy To Mount
Standard on all MobileDemand devices, the briefcase handle and back hand strap eliminate the strain that comes from holding a tablet for extended time periods, reducing hand and wrist pain. MobileDemand’s quick release snap mount system. From forklifts and vehicles to carts and walls, our rugged design allows safe and secure nearly anywhere.
Long-Life Batteries
XL batteries are designed to work through an entire shift so your workforce can remain productive the entire time. Please note that battery life varies significantly base on settings, app usage and other factors.
Extend Productivity With Options
The T1185 accommodates an optional, integrated high performance Honeywell N6703 2D barcode scanner. Or streamline and automate asset scanning with an optional integrated RFID module. The reader supports low frequency and high frequency (LF and HF) modes for tracking locations and inventory levels of tagged assets. In addition to the front and rear-facing cameras, an optional Intel 3D RealSense camera enables depth or LiDAR-based measuring applications.
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