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Epson ColorWorks C6000 Color Inkjet Label Printer

  • ZPL II compatibility for enterprise level label printing
  • Print up to 4.25" wide - with peel and present or autocutter options
Epson ColorWorks C6000 Inkjet Label Printer
The ABILITY to Add Color To Your On-Demand, Mission-Critical Label Printing

Engineered for demanding applications, the new Epson ColorWorks C6000 Color Inkjet Label Printer are designed specifically as a color upgrade to black-and-white thermal transfer printers. Add color to your labels where you once thought it was impossible - and at a comparable price to your thermal transfer labels. Featuring print resolution quality up to 1200 dpi, they produce crisp full-color images comparable to pre-printed labels. Compatible with ZPL II, SAP® and more, and built to accommodate remote printer management, these versatile printers offers seamless integration with your existing workflow.


The Epson C6500 and C6000 are one of the first color inkjet label printers to offer ZPL II (Zebra Programming Language) compatibility for enterprise-level label printing. They can be used as a direct “plug and play” replacement for your existing thermal label printers running ZPL. If you are ordering pre-printed labels and running them through thermal label printers to print variable data, the new Epson C6000 and C6500 color inkjet label printers can easily replace your existing thermal label printers and print both the color images and the variable data all in one pass – eliminating the need for you to carry an inventory of preprinted labels. Running SAP? The Epson ColorWorks C6500 and C6000 offers out-of-the-box integration with SAP.

Color Label-ABILITY

The Epson ColorWorks C6000 and C6500 produce crisp high-resolution color output using PrecisonCore CMYK pigment ink printing technology. The printed color image is very durable and able to withstand handling, abrasion, moisture and resist fading. There are 5 print quality settings with resolutions up to 1200 x 1200. The Epson Colorworks C6000 label printer prints color labels from 1” to 4.25” wide and is ideal for printing color product labels, identification labels and location labels. The Epson ColorWorks C6500 label printer prints color labels from 1” up to 8.34” wide. Its perfect for printing 6” color labels, 8” chemical drum GHS labels, and 2-up color labels.

Depend-ABILITY and Mission Critical-ABILITY

The Epson C6000 and C6500 color inkjet label printers are built tough, and are able to withstand the rigors of mission-critical label printing – on the production floor, on the shipping dock and in the warehouse. Just like your existing thermal label printers, you can depend on the Epson C6500 and C6000 series color inkjet label printers to reliably print labels for your mission-critical labeling needs with minimal downtime. And they are backed up by Epson’s robust ExpressCare™ service program, with options for onsite and depot service, and extended warranty programs.


The Epson C6000 and C6500 color inkjet label printers offer peel and present or automated cutter options. The peel and present option makes labeling easier by enabling operators to send a large batch print job and the printer prints one label at a time with the liner already removed. The “label taken” sensor senses when the operator takes the label before it prints the next one. The remote I/O capabilities enable these printers to easily integrate with automated label applicators for a true “print-one-apply-one” automated workflow.

Features and Benefits
Reliability You Can Count On
Engineered by Epson for demanding applications; backed by industry-leading service and support
First Printer Specifically Designed As A Color Upgrade To Black-and-White Thermal Transfer Printers
With similar media handling capabilities, speed, features and connectivity options, all at a comparable price point
Enhanced Productivity
Eliminate the need to pre-print; speeds up to 5" per second3; fast time to first label
Astounding Image Quality
Up to 1200 dpi resolution with various droplet sizes; crisp images comparable to pre-printed labels
Seamless Integration
Seamless integration compatible with ZPL II, major middleware, SAP, Windows®, Mac® and Linux
Remote Printer Management
Remote printer management for managing large fleets over the network
Auto Cutter Included
Ideal for fast, on-demand applications
Applicator I/O Control Port For Truly Automated Workflow
Automated workflow supports I/O commands; can be integrated into nearly any workflow
Low Cost
Comparable to existing thermal transfer printers
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