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Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking System

  • Keep accurate track of inventory purchased by grant obtained funds
  • Save time and labor with automated inventory counts for audits
Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking System
Powerful Barcode System to Track Assets Purchased with Grants

The need to use grant-obtained funds to finance local programs brings with it the responsibility to keep accurate track of inventory purchased. The Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking™ system combines the speed and accuracy of barcodes with a powerful, secure, web based tracking application.

What Types of Assets Can We Track With Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking System?
  • Medical Devices & Equipment
  • Lab Equipment
  • Computers & Printers
  • Office Supplies
  • And More...
Features and Benefits
Web Based Barcode Grant Tracking
By hosting your own secure internet grant tracking solution, you make the system easily available to any authorized user. There is no longer a need to purchase, install and maintain software on all workstations. Add new equipment, check equipment out to users, move equipment to new locations, run reports and more all from any computer with secure internet access.
The Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking system includes the ability to assign assets to agencies, departments and individual users. Assets are checked out, checked in and moved by scanning a barcode and performing a simple transaction in the system. Each transaction is tied to a user and an accurate audit trail of assets is the result. By using the structure of the Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking system, any agency can accurately demonstrate what was purchased with the grant funds, where they are and who has them.
Reports and Exports
The Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking system includes many useful management reports that can also be accessed at any internet workstation. These include reports sorted by item, location, user, current state, quantity, service due and transaction history. Specific reports required by funding sources can be generated as well. Excel exports of sorted look-ups are standard in the Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking system.
Physical Count Capability
Periodically there is a need to perform an accurate count of current inventory. This could be required in an audit. The Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking system includes a sophisticated capability that allows you to build a count ID specifically designed to work for your organization. The count is loaded onto portable terminals with integrated scanners. The physical count is scanned and uploaded to the system. This automated functionality will save time and labor to complete any physical count.
Portable Solution
The Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking system includes a powerful component that runs on a mobile portable terminal. Items can be checked out to users, moved from one location to another and physically counted using a rugged portable terminal with an integrated barcode scanner. Communicate with the system wirelessly or upload periodically at a workstation
Ease of Use
The Enterprise Grant Asset Tracking system was designed for even the most novice computer user. Most of the work is performed on one screen, eliminating the confusing screens that most other systems require the user to navigate. Transactions are clearly noted in the corresponding buttons. Any user will quickly pick up the skills to perform their duties quickly and accurately.
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