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Equipment Hawk Barcode Equipment Tracking System

  • Gain control of equipment inventory immediately with Equipment Hawk
  • Simple, straightforward method of using barcodes to track the movement of equipment and tools
Equipment Hawk Barcode Equipment Tracking System
Track the Movement and Inventory of Equipment

Gain control of equipment and tool inventory immediately with Equipment Hawk. It is built as a simple, straightforward method of using barcodes to track the movement of equipment and tools. Assign durable barcode tags to equipment, record important information about each item (purchasing info, service dates, etc.), record the location of each and you have the first step in an accurate equipment tracking system. Check tools and equipment out to users with a barcode scanner and check them back in very much the same way. Record work order or project information at the same time.

What Types of Equipment Can You Track With Equipment Hawk
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • And More...
Features and Benefits
Reduce Cost by Using Barcodes to Track Equipment
Are you purchasing items that you know you have because you cannot find them? Do you have an organized and reliable way to make employees accountable for the equipment they are issued? Equipment Hawk is designed to answer these issues. Inventory is tagged with a durable barcode ID tag and scanned out to users, making them accountable. Adding the speed and accuracy of barcodes makes Equipment Hawk easy to use. At any time, management can get a quick snapshot of asset and equipment inventory by site or user.
Ease To Use Barcode Equipment Management System
The Equipment Hawk system was designed for even the most novice computer user. Most of the work is performed at one screen, eliminating the confusing screens that most other systems require the user to navigate.
Manage Critical Maintenance Activity with Equipment Hawk
Vital to the goal of reducing the cost of asset & equipment inventory is managing critical dates and activity for each. Knowing when an item is scheduled to be serviced or calibrated can prevent repair or replacement costs. Equipment Hawk records maintenance activity and costs. Run detailed reports on all maintenance sorted by equipment, model, category and more. Make intelligent purchasing decisions for replacing assets and equipment.
Track Equipment Using A Portable Device and Barcode Scanner
Equipment Hawk includes a powerful component that runs on a mobile portable terminal. Equipment can be checked out to users, moved from one location to another and physically counted using a rugged portable terminal with an integrated barcode scanner. Communicate with the system wirelessly or upload periodically at a workstation.
Asset Management Reports and Exports
The Equipment Hawk system includes many useful management reports that can be printed as needed. These include reports sorted by equipment, location, user, current state, quantity, service due and transaction history.
Quickly Count Assets and Equipment
Periodically there is a need in any business to perform an accurate count of current inventory. Equipment Hawk includes the functionality of counting inventory at any location using the portable terminal, saving you time and money.
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