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Evidence Hound Barcode Evidence Tracking System

  • Accurately and efficiently record the movement of evidence using barcodes
  • Design and print evidence labels within the system
Evidence Hound Barcode Evidence Tracking System
Barcode Chain of Custody and Evidence Tracking System

Evidence Hound is designed to record the movement of evidence accurately and efficiently in and out of the property room. This powerful evidence tracking system uses barcodes to do the work. Evidence Hound is a PC-based evidence software system that can run either on a single workstation or in a network environment.  A single PC in the property room can have a scanner attached to allow for the scanning of both evidence barcodes and user ID barcodes. 

Design and print barcode evidence labels or any other barcodes used within the system (user ID, location barcodes). The chain of custody that is vital when handling evidence is maintained as the system records each transaction with a time and date stamp.  Each evidence movement is recorded; the people involved, the date, time and location are saved as well.  A printed receipt is generated noting the case number, evidence involved, the person issuing the evidence as well as the person checking the evidence out.  This receipt is signed and saved to document these transactions.

Features and Benefits
Simple System - Easy To Use
Evidence Hound was designed to be easy to use even for the novice user. “Button driven” tasks are clear and easy to perform. Each activity as to file movement is performed the same way thus making training simple. The user interface is clean with few intuitive choices. Most file tracking activity is performed on the same screen and completed quickly.
Customization To Fit Your Business Needs
Evidence Hound includes the capability of customizing the fields, labels and reports to fit any requirement. New fields, field names and attributes can be added to the item, location and user tables. This flexibility allows Evidence Hound to be modified to meet specific requirements of different agencies. Evidence Hound also supports multiple barcode tracking applications.
Quickly Look Up Evidence
Evidence Hound offers a number of ways to look up evidence. Find evidence using field queries, table views or reports. Save time searching offices and desks with a few simple keystrokes. The powerful Report Designer provides unlimited reporting capabilities. With the included Report Designer, you can create and print custom reports that meet your specific information tracking needs.
Design And Print Labels
Evidence Hound comes with an integrated label design and printing functionality. Use LABEL MATRIX, CODESOFT or LABEL VIEW from Teklynx to easily design and print barcode labels, user ID labels and location labels.
Mobile Computer Device Support
Evidence Hound can be extended to a mobile hand held computer for transactions away from the property room. The tracking system supports all Windows mobile-based devices, including devices running Windows Mobile 6.0 and up.
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