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File Hawk Barcode File Tracking System

  • Record the movement of files in and out of a file room
  • Design your own labels and reports
File Hawk Barcode File Tracking System
Simple & Affordable File Tracking Solution

File Hawk barcode file tracking system automates and records the movement of files in and out of a file room with a few quick barcode scans.  Check files out to users and check them back in by scanning both the user barcode ID and the file ID. This simple to understand and use system lets you know who has each file and where they are. Print file barcodes, location barcodes, and user barcodes right through the system.  Every transaction is date and time stamped providing an audit trail as to the movement of files. File Hawk is fully customizable making the barcode tracking system capable of tracking medical charts, law office files, insurance claims documents, school documents and more.  Design your own labels and reports using the built-in tools included. Files are checked in and checked out of the file room and moved from one location to another by scanning the file label barcode generated through the system and the user to whom the file was given. The Portable Data Terminal/Scanner will periodically capture a physical inventory by scanning all current files in the office and reporting discrepancies.


    What Types Of Files Can You Track With File Hawk?
    • Medical Charts
    • Insurance Claim Files
    • Law Files
    • Contracts
    • And More...
    Features and Benefits
    Simple System – Easy to Use
    File Hawk was designed to be easy to use even for the novice user. “Button driven” tasks are clear and easy to perform. Each activity as to file movement is performed the same way thus making training simple. The user interface is clean with few intuitive choices. Most file tracking activity is performed on the same screen and completed quickly.
    Customizable To Your Specific Requirements
    File Hawk includes the capability of customizing the fields, labels and reports to fit any requirement. New fields, field names and attributes can be added to the item, location and user tables. This flexibility allows File Hawk™ to be used in many different applications including; medical charts, insurance claim files, law files, contracts and more.
    Save Time with Quick Look-ups
    File Hawk offers a number of ways to look up a file. Find files using field queries, table views or reports. Save time searching offices and desks with a few simple keystrokes.
    Barcode Label Design & Printing
    File Hawk comes with an integrated label design and printing functionality. Use LABEL MATRIX, CODESOFT or LABEL VIEW from Teklynx to easily design and print file barcode labels, user ID labels and location labels.
    Mobile Computer Device Support
    File Hawk™ can be extended to a mobile hand held computer for transactions happening away from the computer. Check files in and out, move files or perform physical counts with this supported mobile device.
    Available Documentation
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