An Introduction to Firebug EXT Barcode Extinguisher Inspection System

Firebug EXT

An Introduction to Firebug EXT Barcode Extinguisher Inspection System

Automate fire extinguisher inspections and safety equipment inspections the easy way – with barcode technology and the new Android-based Firebug EXT™.

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Video Transcript:

Firebug EXT is an automated barcode inspection system that can be used to inspect any safety device. Using three main components, Firebug EXT manages the database of safety devices, records inspections, organizes the scheduling of critical inspection dates and provides reports that can be sorted hundreds of ways.

Using Firebug EXT, you can automate fire extinguisher and safety device inspections the easy way. Use barcode technology to identify each asset. Routing and checklists ensure every asset is inspected and verified. Use Android-based handheld devices or tablets to easily record readings and inspection results. Generate detailed reports to show inspection results and compliance.

Firebug EXT is the new and completely modernized successor to Firebug RM. As the industry leading software for electronic fire extinguisher and safety device inspections, Firebug EXT includes updates and enhancements requested by the top safety device inspection managers.

Firebug EXT is now powered by Android – the mobile operating system preferred by administrators, managers and users of enterprise and field mobility systems.

In addition to handheld devices, Firebug EXT now supports tablets running on the Android OS. Using a tablet makes it even easier to record readings and inspection results.

With Firebug EXT, we have extended the devices you can inspect. You can now inspect and record inspection results, readings, settings and calibrations for a number of different devices including: fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, alarms, eyewash stations, exit signs, emergency lights, valves, range hoods and more.

We’ve completely reshaped the look, feel and user interface for Firebug EXT. Navigation is intuitive, screens are easy to read and data is exactly where you’d expect to find it.

See all your critical inspection data and results at a glance with Firebug EXTs new dashboard feature.

With Firebug EXT, you can upload inspection data and results from any location through a WIFI or cellular connection. Or directly to a PC through a connected cradle.

The benefits of the Firebug solution are countless, but here are just a few.

Never miss an extinguisher or safety device inspection. As we mentioned earlier, the software will not allow you to close out a route unless you have inspected every device on the route. This is a great way to ensure that you are performing a 100% accurate and dependable inspection every time.

Accurate inspection reporting customized to your needs. Firebug offers customized inspection route management, the ability to manage and verify inspection activity and verify compliance with government and industry regulations.

Full support for every component of the system. General Data supplies all the pieces you’ll need to get the Firebug solution up and running. This includes the software, handheld mobile computers, labels, training, service and more.

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