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Temperature Sensors – Your Reliable Solution for Meeting the Cold Chain Challenge

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July 31, 2023
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The biggest difference between normal and cold supply chains is the level of complexity involved in making the system work. In the cold chain industry, these extra challenges can have serious consequences if they are not addressed properly. Their main goal is to prevent temperature excursions from affecting the storage, shipment, and/or delivery of products.


With the globalized distribution network in the cold chain industry, temperature monitoring and controlling is imperative. Consumers are more aware and invested in knowing where their food and products come from. This includes knowing that all proper precautions have been taken to avoid damage and contamination.

Temperature sensors are aiding in the call for food safety and waste reduction. They provide a continuous visibility into temperature and location data within the cold supply chain.    


Zebra’s latest temperature sensor solution notifies your frontline workers of any potential temperature excursions in real time via Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. 


The Zebra Electronic ZS300 Sensors, together with the ZB200 Bridge, API’s, Developer Tools, and Zebra Savanna cloud data platform, provide a highly reliable solution to maximize productivity, reduce waste and ensure quality and compliance.

Solution Components
Zebra ZS300 Temperature Sensor
Zebra Sensor
Zebra ZB200 Bridge
Zebra Bridge
Android Software
Android Software
Bridge Setup App, Android™ Sensor Discovery Service
Zebra Savanna Cloud Data Platform
Savanna™ Cloud Data Platform
Data storage and web-based data access
Increase your speed to market with increased visibility; the Zebra ZS300 Sensors are high performing and built for the most demanding of applications. They are easy to reconfigure for each cold chain shipment or storage location, eliminating the need to buy sensors for each application.
By adding the Zebra ZB200 Bridge, data can be collected from multiple ZS300 Sensors and uploaded to the cloud, which enables the solution to provide greater area coverage and streamlines the process for the entire cold chain. 
The Zebra ZS300 Sensors are sold in multipacks using a small amount of biodegradable packaging. They also offer a unique no-cost sensor recycling program. Less than 1% of the product reaches a landfill with this initiative.
This robust, connected, reliable solution will seamlessly integrate into your existing cold chain workflow, enabling you to identify and analyze temperature excursions and act on them in real time to optimize efficiency, ensure compliance and reduce waste. 
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