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CODE READER CR1500 Healthcare Barcode Scanner

  • PVC-Free CodeShield® plastics stand up to more disinfectants
  • Ergonomic, lightweight, and compact
CODE READER CR1500 Healthcare Barcode Scanner
CR1500 Healthcare Barcode Scanner: Purpose-Built for Healthcare

Hospitals and medical offices easily have the most difficult barcodes to read, and in the harshest conditions. Everything needs to work the first time, every time; when lives are at stake. The CR1500 reads any size or type of barcode, on any surface and in any condition, with ease.

Whether it is a simple patient wristband, an IV bag in a dark room, or even a scalpel in the OR, Code's patented dual-field optics, lightning-fast proprietaty processor, and zero-miss decoder work as hard as you do. The CR1500 performs equally well in Admissions, the ER, at the bedside for patient care, in the lab, and pharmacy, as well as non-clinical applications such as hospital patient administration and supply rooms.
And Code has developed the CodeShield materials standard for medical devices. Commonly used healthcare cleaners may contain chemical agents that can damage or break down the plastic housing of a device, which can shorten product lifespan and leave hospitals with replacement costs. CodeShield provides an additional level of resilience and protection against even the harshest chemical cleaners and disinfectants.

CR1500 Healthcare Barcode Scanner Features & Benefits
Cutting-Edge Plastics & Design Extends Device Life
Market-leading plastics that stand up to the harshest disinfectants and sanitizers, seamless body design, and best-in-class IP54 sealing mitigate cleaning issues and make pathogen control more effective.
Patented Dual-Field Optics Scan More Types Of Barcodes
Code's industry-unique JavaScript programming allows the CR1500 to meet even the most advanced data editing requirements, and the JavaScript platform provides complete device control.
Greater Application Flexibility
The CR1500 scans all standard barcodes straight out of the box, and the optional parsing/validation make integration into any system painless.
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