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Positive Patient Identification Solutions

Positive Patient Identification Solutions

Assure proper patient safety and care

Positive Patient Identification Starts Here

Positive patient identification is the foundation of the "five rights" - but it extends to more than administering medications. It also critical for proper specimen collection, ordering and giving tests, and updating medical records.  General Data's patient identity solutions enable healthcare facilities to use a connected system of patient wristbands, barcode scanners and printers to reliably and positively identify all patients - including adults, pediatrics and NICU - from when the patient first presents for medical care through the entire stay.

Patient Identity Solutions Designed For The Healthcare Environment

From admission to discharge, General Data’s patient identification solutions minimize patient identity errors, giving healthcare providers the confidence to focus on what they do best – provide the best care to their patients.  Our solutions include high quality wristbands designed for durability and patient comfort, as well as label printers, mobile computers and barcode scanners designed specifically for the healthcare environment.

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