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SHURDry SD-III Slide Dryer

  • Dries slides quickly yet avoids overheating
  • Large capacity for any size lab
SHURDry™ SD-III Slide Dryer
The SHURDry™ SD-III: More Than Just A Slide Dryer

The SHURDry SD-III Slide Dryer employs rapid slide drying technology that increases lab productivity and produces superior results. Utilizing internal microprocessors and programmable precision controls, the SD-III Slide Dryer can accommodate additional needs, including keeping paraffin liquefied.

The control panel utilizes operator-defined programs to control multi-user drying times. Seven function keys can be programmed to different drying times; each with its own unique alarm that sounds when an item is ready to be removed.  

This slide dryer also has a large capacity interior with an adjustable shelf that allows it to accommodate many different size slide racks or bowls that need to be kept warm.

Operating temperatures range from ambient room temperature to 75°C. See-through glass doors provide visibility without releasing heat, and allow for convenient cleaning.

SHURDry SD-III Slide Dryer Features & Benefits
Operator-Defined Programs Control Drying Times
The control panel utilizes seven keys that function as individual timers for multi-user drying times. Keys can be programmed for different times and a distinct alarm will sound when an item is ready to be removed.
See-Through Doors Allow Easy Content Monitoring
Glass doors and sides provide the histologist or histotech the visibility needed for examining content without releasing heat by opening doors. They addiionally allow for convenient cleaning.
Small Countertop Footprint; Large Internal Capacity
An adjustable shelf allows for an assortment of sizes of bowls or containers.
Keeps Paraffin Liquefied
The SD-III design makes storage of melted paraffin highly efficient and eliminates the need to re-melt the paraffin.
SHURDry SD-III Slide Dryer Product Brochure
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