SHURDry SD-II Slide Dryer

  • Dries slides quickly
  • Accommodates up to six slide racks
SHURDry Slide Dryer ll
SHURDry™ SD-ll Slide Dryer

The SHURDry SD-II Slide Dryer is the perfect solution for small volume histology labs that need to dry slides quickly.  It offers a quick, uncomplicated solution for drying slides to maintain a streamlined workflow.

The SHURDry Slide Dryer II accommodates up to six slide racks directly from a stainer and allows the slides to be dried in 20 minutes to 1 hour.  See-through glass provides the visibility needed to examine contents without releasing heat by opening doors.

Cleaning is convenient too; simply open the lid and lift out the grill. An intuitive temperature control system uses light indicators to monitor heat levels and avoid overheating.

SHURDry SD-II Slide Dryer Features & Benefits
Accommodates Six Slide Racks
Large drying space allows up to six slide racks to be moved directly from a stainer.
Small Footprint
This compact unit also fits next to the cutting station for use before going in the stainer.
Dries Slides Quickly
Depending on how full it is, the SHURDry SD-II Slide Dryer dries slides in 20 minutes to one hour.
SHURDry SD-II Slide Dryer Product Brochure
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