POLYFin Paraffin Wax

  • POLYFin™ delivers a consistent and dependable formulation with a lower melting point for efficient tissue embedding, processing and cutting
  • POLYFin is ideal for histotechs who require efficient, precise cutting of paraffin wax blocks at the microtome station with no errors
POLYFin Paraffin Wax
POLYFin: Paraffin Wax That Labs Can Depend On

POLYFin is the preferred histology paraffin wax that delivers stability in handling, excellent tissue infiltration and support for precise and efficient tissue cutting at the microtome station.POLYFin is ideal for labs that require a consistent paraffin formulation for their wax blocks that is dependable through multiple shifts.

POLYFin Paraffin Wax Features and Benefits
Dependable, Consistent Formulation
This unique formulation has ideal handling characteristics; it is less sticky, less tacky, and less static, all important for better handling. No pre-treating is necessary to soften tissue prior to cutting, and since it has a lower melting point (55 degrees C), it will not overcook or harden tissue. If you want proper handling and better tissue support, PolyFin is right for you.
High Polymer Content
More polymer means more cutting rigidity, which is important for producing the most precise cutting at the microtomy station. With labs being asked to do more and more quantitative work, precision and efficiency are more important to workflow than ever before. PolyFin provides superior tissue infiltration and texture, allowing for wrinkle-free sections at 4-5 microns with no compression.
For Processing and Embedding
This paraffin can be used in both tissue processing and embedding; offering both user convenience and savings.
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