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Consult-ID & CryoDentity Laboratory Labels

  • Consult-ID Slide Labels remove easily after the consult is finished, with no damage to the original label underneath
  • Consult-ID Cassette Labels adhere to the paraffin on an embedded cassette
  • CryoDentity Labels adhere to glass or plastic to -196°C/-325°F
Consult-ID & CyoDentity Laboratory Labels
Consult-ID™ & CryoDentity™ Laboratory Labels: Labels For Cassette/Slide Consults & Cold Temperature Research & Storage

Consult-ID labels were developed to allow labs to send slides or embedded cassettes to a consulting lab to temporarily conceal the originating lab's information while still maintaining tight security on patient identity. Both Consult-ID Slide Labels and Consult-ID Cassette Labels remove easily with no damage to the underlying label.

Consult-ID Slide labels contain a larger slide label to cover the existing slide information, and a smaller strip or band label that can be used (instead of the large label) so the original information is not covered. Consult-ID Cassette labels were formulated with a special material and adhesive that can be placed directly on the paraffin inside the embedded cassette for the consult, and also contains a strip label that can adhere to the side of the cassette. Both labels can be easily removed when returning to the original lab.

CryoDentity labels are specially engineered to solve the unique challenges of cold storage labeling of vials, slides, plates and test tubes.  CryoDentity labels are made using a 3 mil white poly film facestock with a special direct thermal coating that provides excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals. They feature an aggressive permanent pressure sensitive adhesive that is ideally suited for adhesion to glass or plastic surfaces in extreme cold environments.

Consult-ID™ & CryoDentity™ Laboratory Labels Features & Benefits
Consult-ID Slide Labels Remove Easily
After the consult is finished, Consult-ID Slide Labels remove easily, with no reside and no damage to the original label underneath.
Consult-ID Cassette Labels Adhere To Paraffin
Unlike other lab labels, Consult-ID Cassette Labels adhere to the paraffin on an embedded block, and additionally have a small strip label that adheres to the side of the cassette for even more patient identification protection during a consult.
CryoDentity Labels Solve The Unique Challenges of Cold Storage Labeling
Whether you're using them for genetics, virology, research, drug discovery, or other sciences, CryoDentity Labels can be used to positively identify and track glass or plastic vials, slides, plates, and test tubes that are stored in cryogenic or other cold temperature conditions. They have excellent resistance to moisture and chemicals, and feature an aggressive permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive that is good down to -196°C/-325°F.
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