Lab Specimen Tracking

Lab Specimen Tracking

Streamline and error-proof lab workflow

Streamline Lab Workflow With Barcode Identification and Tracking Technologies

Identifying and tracking tissue samples from receipt through the entire lab process enables histology labs to know where samples are in the preparation and testing process, as well as matching the samples to the right case and patient.  Labs that rely on handwriting and other manual procedures not only force technicians into inefficient and time-consuming workflows, they also increase the risk of errors being made and jeopardizing patient safety.

Using barcode technology to identify and track tissue samples greatly streamlines and optimizes lab workflow.  It eliminates specimen labeling and identification errors, and also assures that the right sample is always matched to the right case and the right patient every time.

How Specimen Tracking In the Lab Works

With General Data’s specimen tracking solutions, histology labs can positively verify the identity of every specimen container, cassette block and slide at every step of the lab process, and easily match it with the identity of the patient.  A well-designed tracking system assigns a unique identifier to every patient tissue sample received and attaches it to the sample in both text and barcode format. Scanning those barcodes enable lab techs to track that sample through the entire lab process, as well as check out and archiving.

In addition to tracking location and status, scanning the barcodes also streamlines the lab workflow and eliminates many common opportunities for errors.  For example, when the specimen container is scanned at the grossing station, the required number of cassettes can be automatically printed, complete with identifying numbers and barcodes.  At the microtomy station, scanning the cassette blocks triggers the slide labeler to print only the slides that are needed for that particular case.

General Data Is The Industry Leader For Histology Specimen Tracking Solutions

Over 10 years ago, General Data introduced the first successful barcode identification and tracking technologies to the histology lab. Today, the General Data brand is synonymous with barcode-based specimen identification and tracking. We work with labs of all sizes to design and integrate the right specimen identification and tracking system that is customized for the labs needs, workflow, budget and goals.

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