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StainerShield XT Xylene and Chemical Resistant Slide Labels

  • Designed specifically for use in histology labs to positively identify slides
  • Durable labels withstand extended exposure to chemicals and stains
StainerShield XT Slide Labels
StainerShield XT™: Xylene and Chemical-Resistant Slide Labels For All Histology Lab Protocols

StainerShield XT™ chemical-resistant and solvent-resistant microscope slide labels enable histology labs to use barcode technology to permanently, positively and reliably identify and track specimen slides, even when subjected to the harshest chemicals, stains and protocols. More than just a “xylene-resistant label,” StainerShield XT slide labels can withstand exposures to hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stains, Immunohistochemistry (IHC) special stains, xylene, toluene, acetone, buffers, alcohol, extreme heat, microwaves and decloaking chambers.


Durable Slide Labels Designed Specifically for Histology Labs

StainerShield XT slide labels are printed using a desktop thermal slide label printer. They produce clear, crisp printed barcodes and text that remain legible, do not fade or smear, and produce successful scans - even after stainer processing. They do not require any additional flap or overlay for protection.

StainerShield XT slide labels are designed specifically for use in histology labs. This superior technology has been tested and is compliant for retention under Library of Congress standards, and exceeds CAP and CLIA requirements.

StainerShield XT Slide Labels Features and Benefits
Only Microscope Slide Label Designed Specifically for Use on Histology Lab Slides
StainerShield XT slide labels are designed specifically for use in the histology lab. They are xylene-resistant, stain-resistant, alcohol-resistant, chemical-resistant, solvent-resistant, toluene-resistant, formalin-resistant, resistant to high PH buffers. and can withstand exposure to extreme heat, cold, microwave processing, and decloaking chambers. StainerShield XT is also excellent for use in other labs such as cytology, cytochemistry, cytoimmunology, histochemistry, cell biology and molecular biology labs.
Print Using Compact Desktop Thermal Slide Label Printers
StainerShield XT slide labels can be printed using a variety of standard compact desktop thermal label printers, saving valuable space at the microtome station. The labels for each block can be printed when the barcode on the cassette is scanned. Re-labeling slides is as simple as printing another label.
Printed Text and Barcodes Do Not Smear, Fade, Degrade Or Separate From The Slide
StainerShield XT slide labels are ideal for histology labs that want to use barcodes to identify and track slides. Once applied, the StainerShield XT slide label forms a permanent bond with the slide and will not separate or fall off. Text remains readable and barcodes reliably scan throughout the life of the slide, including the staining process, consults and archiving.
Tested to Library of Congress Standards for Compliance
StainerShield XT labels have been stringently tested to Library of Congress standards and are proven to last up to 20 years in archival, so your lab can be confident that you will meet and exceed CLIA and CAP compliance guidelines for storage and archival of specimens.
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