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Histology Slide Labeling & Preparation

Histology Slide Labeling & Preparation

Label and prepare slides efficiently and without error

Slide Labeling & Preparation Solutions For An Efficient Histology Lab Workflow

Label and prepare slides reliably and efficiently with General Data’s slide labeling and preparation solutions for histology labs.  Lab techs can permanently label slides with text and barcodes at the microtomy station by scanning the barcoded tissue block and printing the slides for that case when they are ready for them.

Using barcodes to positively identify slides is key to an overall lab workflow tracking system.  Our slide labeling solutions are able to withstand the harsh chemicals, reagents and stains of a histology lab’s slide staining protocols and process.  Each slide is permanently identified and barcodes remain scannable before and after the staining process, as well as through review and archiving. 

Eliminate Errors
Error-Proof Your Lab's Processes
Eliminate the errors that happen when slides are mis-identified or can’t be properly read.
Streamline Lab Workflow
Streamline Lab Workflow
Scan cassette blocks to label slides for that case on-demand, at the microtomy station.
Improve Lab Productivity
Improve Lab Productivity
Eliminate inefficient processes and workflow bottlenecks so your lab can process more cases in less time.

Innovative Instruments That Make Slide Preparation Easier and More Efficient

To properly prepare slides, lab techs need the right tools and instruments that make their job easier so they can be more productive.  General Data has a number of different histology instruments for slide preparation that are designed with the labs tech’s needs in mind – to prepare and process slides accurately, reliably and without error.

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