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Bedside Specimen Collection & Labeling Solutions

Bedside Specimen Collection & Labeling Solutions

Improve patient safety with each collected specimen

Positive Specimen Identification Starts At Bedside

Eliminating medical errors is critical when it involves collecting blood, tissue or other samples for lab analysis.  Replacing manual or paper-based procedures with barcode data capture and labeling systems at bedside error-proofs specimen collection and labeling functions, as well as ordering tests and updating medical records. With General Data's labeling, barcode scanning and mobility products and technologies at bedside point of care, patients get the peace of mind that comes from knowing their specimen sample is positively identified so they will receive the right test results and the right treatment. 

Bedside Specimen Labeling Solutions That Ensure Accurate Specimen-Patient Matching

Incorrect specimen identification at the bedside can introduce errors that perpetuate throughout the entire process, creating issues such as unnecessary redraws and retesting, misdiagnoses or incorrect medical treatment. Employing General Data’s labeling and data capture technologies at the patient bedside forms the basis of an effective specimen management process that confirms links between the specimen collection order, the patient and the labelled container.  Our solutions include high quality labels designed for vials or other specimen containers, as well as label printers, mobile computers and barcode scanners designed specifically for the healthcare environment.

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