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Product Labeling Solutions

Complete product labeling solutions for large and small producers and packagers

Custom Product Labels For Every Application, Budget And Quantity

Showcase your brand and increase product visibility and sales with custom product labels from General Data.  We produce custom product labels in any size, shape, configuration and number of colors to suit the needs of both large product manufacturers and packagers and small boutique businesses.

General Data Provides Complete Custom Product Label Solutions

Custom product labels can be pre-printed labels designed to be placed on bottles, jars or cartons, or full shrink sleeve labels for 360-degree graphic presentation.  In addition, we supply full on-demand color label printing systems so small businesses can print their own product labels on-demand, as they are needed.

  • Labels – custom product labels in any size, shape, number of colors, facestock, adhesive and finish.  Using both digital and flexographic label printing technologies, we can efficiently produce both short run and large quantity product labels in beautiful, high definition colors and finishes like tactile coatings and foil stamping.
  • Print & Apply Label Applicators – inline label applicators automatically affix the label to the product container or box, and can also print variable data such as lot codes and manufacturing dates to the product label as it is applied.
  • Shrink Sleeve Packaging – beautiful printed films that provide 360-degree visibility for graphics and product information, flexible enough to be applied to virtually any shape or size container.
  • Color Label Printers – we also supply complete color label printing systems so small boutique producers can print their own beautiful full-color product labels on demand, as they need them.

Whether you’re a small operation making boutique products or a major producer or packager, General Data has the right custom product labeling solution that will exceed your expectations and satisfy your needs, application and budget.

General Data Helps You Create Your Custom Product Labeling Solution With These Components:
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