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SlideTrack ESPO Direct To Slide Printer

  • Print Text and Barcodes Directly On Slides On-Demand At The Microtomy Station
  • Fast Speed - Prints At The Rate Of Three Seconds Per Slide
SlideTrack ESPO Direct To Slide Printer
SlideTrack™ ESPO Prints Directly On Microscope Slides

If you’re a high-volume histology lab processing multiple facilities and/or multiple tissue types, your histology lab's slide printing needs include reliability, scannability, and fast print speed to ensure workflow efficiency.

The SlideTrack ESPO Direct To Slide Printer will enable you to print directly to your slides on-demand, as you need them using thermal transfer printing technology. And because of the small size of this powerful instrument, you can produce printed slides right at your microtomy station as the specimens are being cut.

SlideTrack ESPO Direct To Slide Printer Features And Benefits
On-Demand Printing Directly On The Slide
The SlideTrack ESPO Direct To Slide Printer uses thermal transfer technology to print high quality 300 dpi text and barcodes directly on your slides at the microtomy station. This high resolution creates scannability and readability for positive specimen identification, minimized errors, and increased patient safety. The printed image is resistant to harsh histology lab chemicals.
Automated Histology Slide Printing That Meets Your Lab's Needs
The SlideTrack ESPO Direct To Slide Printer has a total capacity of 200 slides, with (2) 100-slide magazines; capable of printing charged and/or uncharged slides. Three easy-to-use print modes allow your choice of single or batch printing. Additionally, the unique front-loading feature allows for single-slide printing, so you can print worry-free control slides.
Compact Footprint & Fast Speed
The small size allows for easy placement, and the SlideTrack ESPO prints slides at the rate of 3 seconds per slide (20 per minute). The simple feeding mechanics within the unit minimize jams, meaning greater workflow productivity.
Interface or Stand-Alone
Our experienced staff will assist with your installation and answer any questions your staff may have. The SlideTrack ESPO Direct To Slide Printer integrates with your lab LIS, or can be used on its own for patient identification. Regardless, you can be assured your lab will be running smoothly after installation.
SlideTrack ESPO Direct To Slide Printer Product Brochure
A Slide Labeler That's Ideal For Barcode-Based Specimen Tracking Workflows

It is now commonplace for histology labs to use barcode-based identification and tracking of specimens in order to streamline workflows, enhance productivity and specimen traceability, and reduce or eliminate errors.

An efficient barcode tracking system depends on barcoded specimen slides that are scannable. If the barcodes on the slides won’t scan, the process is interrupted, workflow bottlenecks occur, and the integrity of the data can be compromised.

The SlideTrack ESPO Direct To Slide Printer is an efficient histology slide printing solution that brings barcode identification and tracking of histology slides directly to the microtome station, where tissue is cut and slides are created. Text and barcodes are printed directly on the slides, and the printed image is able to withstand the harsh chemicals, reagents and stains of the slide staining and preparation processes.

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