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Predicting the Top Product Labeling Trends of 2024

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The world of labeling is dynamic and ever-changing. Here at General Data, we stay on top of the current trends shaping product labeling and design so we can provide our customers with cutting-edge label printing solutions that elevate their brands. 

Wondering what to expect in 2024? Check out our top predictions for product label trends in the coming year:

#1: Spotlight on Sustainability

Environmental impact is expected to remain a driving force in consumer decision-making in 2024 and beyond. According to one study, 60% of consumers said they’d pay more for an item with sustainable packaging. Consider adopting a “greener” approach to your product labels, such as eco-friendly materials and adhesives or even waste-reducing linerless labels

#2: “Smart” Interactive Label Features

Transparency is another major priority for today’s consumers, and brands should take note. In particular, research shows that Gen Z consumers value quality, authenticity and the ability to interact with brands on their own terms. 

One innovative way to provide more interactive content that connects with customers is to place interactive features right on your product labels. For example, a scannable QR code could link to in-depth product information, helpful how-to videos, loyalty programs or discounts and even customer surveys. “Smart” labels make consumer engagement easy and measurable, while providing shoppers with greater transparency. 

#3: Custom Full-Color Labels

From a design perspective, we’re expecting to see a surge of color and creativity for brands in 2024. Many major brands have adopted new logos over the past few years, replacing their elaborate fonts with minimalistic Sans-serifs. While the minimalism trend fits with our digital age, combining these bold fonts with warm, nature-inspired colors can give brands a more welcoming feel. 

Take, for example, the Pantone 2024 Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz. The color of the year sets the tone for many design applications, and we can expect this fresh hue to take center stage in product labeling, too. As a professional label printing company, General Data has the state-of-the-art equipment and printing expertise needed to produce high-quality custom product labels with vibrant and consistent colors. 

Bring the Latest Trends to Life with Custom Product Labels

At General Data, we understand the delicate balance between staying current and remaining true to your brand. No matter your label goals, we’re here to help you navigate the trends and find the best options for you.  

Our AmeriGraph Packaging Division, based in Atlanta, offers premium label converting capabilities for regional and national consumer product brands. With experience producing high-quality prime labels for consumer goods, food and beverage products and many other specialty product applications, we know how to bring your next label idea to life. 

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