LaserTrack AB4 Cassette Printer

  • Unique cassette printing technology delivers unrivaled quality and prints high-resolution text and barcodes
  • Permanent, indelible printed image withstands histology tissue specimen processing
LaserTrack AB4 Cassette Printer
LaserTrack™ AB4 Cassette Printer Increases Productivity with Built-In Organizer

The AB4 Laser Cassette Printer provides a solution for permanent, indelible tissue cassette printing with high-resolution text and barcodes.  It is a versatile histology cassette printer that is designed for both batch or distributed (on-demand) cassette printing lab workflows. With features such as 4 quick change cassette magazines and the built-in cassette organizer, the AB4 saves time, increases productivity and significantly reduces cassette labeling and specimen misidentification errors.

Using barcode technology for positive identification and tracking of specimens in the lab means fewer errors, greatly enhanced workflow efficiencies, and lab technicians that spend less time worrying about specimen identification errors and more time on diagnostics, results and patient care.

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LaserTrack AB4 Cassette Printer Features and Benefits
Permanent and Indelible Cassette Printing Using Laser Technology
The LaserTrack AB4 Cassette Printer uses a focused low-power C02 laser that ablates a special polymer coating on the face of the tissue cassette. The printed text and barcodes are extremely durable and able to withstand the harshest reagents and solvents without fading or other damage.
Print High-Resolution Text and Barcodes On Tissue Cassettes
The precision laser used in the LaserTrack AB4 cassette printer produces high-resolution, high-contrast alphanumeric text and two-dimensional barcodes that scan quickly and easily. These high-resolution barcodes and text remain sharp, legible and scannable throughout the entire life of the cassette. Printed cassettes can be scanned with a barcode scanner anywhere in the lab to quickly and correctly identify the block and any corresponding case information.
Integrated Cassette Organizer Holds Up To 100 Tissue Cassettes
The built-in cassette organizer eliminates double handling of cassettes by organizing as they are printed. The cassette organizer holds up to 100 cassettes for easy delivery to grossing stations.
Use For Both Batch and On-Demand Cassette Printing
The LaserTrack AB4 Cassette Printer can be used for batch as well as distributed (on-demand) cassette printing. For labs that utilize a batch cassette printing workflow, the CL-04 can print up to 12 cassettes per minute; the fastest batch printing in the industry.
4 Magazine Configuration With Quick and Easy Cassette Color Changeouts
Four removable cassette magazines hold up to 70 cassettes each.. Magazines can be quickly and easily changed in a matter of seconds. The CL-04 cassette printer allows for an almost unlimited supply of cassette colors, especially when used with additional magazine holders.
​Reliable Cassette Printing That Fits In Any Size Lab
A small footprint allows the LaserTrack AB4 Cassette Printer to fit anywhere. The smooth, quiet operation makes it an asset to any lab operation. It is 99.9% reliable in feeding cassettes; resulting in no cassette jams, no work stoppage, and much less cassette waste.
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If You Want Superior Barcode Tracking, Use Laser Printing Technology

Many histology labs are implementing barcode-based identification and tracking of specimens in order to streamline workflows, enhance productivity and specimen traceability, and reduce or eliminate errors.

An efficient barcode tracking system depends on barcoded tissue cassettes that are scannable. If the barcodes on the cassettes won’t scan, the process is interrupted, workflow bottlenecks occur, and the integrity of the data can be compromised.

For barcoded cassettes that are highly legible and deliver high scan rates, laser is the best and most preferred printing technology.  The LaserTrack AB4 cassette printer’s laser printing technology consistently and reliably produces sharp, crisp text and 2D barcodes that are permanent and deliver nearly perfect scan rates.

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